After Stoke & What’s Next.

Hi Everyone, So, the crowd surfing flag went off without a hitch! A big thank you to;  a) all those involved on the day and b) to you guys in The Shed for being so positive about it all when you saw us getting ready. So many of you were coming up to us with comments such as ‘it’s about time’, ‘finally’ etc, so I was glad to hear from all of you. We even had a couple of older ladies come up and ask what was going on and their reaction was brilliant – they really wanted to get involved. The flag will be making an appearance for the remaining Premier League home games, but sadly not against PSG. You wouldn’t believe how much goes into planning and organising these flags (massive respect to the guys to do it in the Matthew Harding), but now that we have done it; we can continue gaining momentum & also start looking to do other things as well. I asked you lot on twitter to take some pictures as you saw it going across, and here are a couple of my favourites:

Shed Flag 1Picture by: @cfcunofficial

Shed Flag 2Picture by: @chelseaultra Shed Flag 3Picture by: @mrasaunders A lot of people, especially near where I sit, are eager to get involved, which is great.  Now that we achieved something, albeit a small something, we have a platform on which to build. Next up; work out the issues behind the club not allowing fans to bring in flags that are bigger than the ones they hand out on Champions League nights, discuss ideas regarding the vocal side of things in The Shed, gauge the interest (from you) about introducing hand held banners (pic below), a poll to decide who the next Shed End banner should be for/about (but first we need some suggestions), and discussing ideas/plans for the last home game of the season. So, right now, I ask you two questions and encourage as many of you as possible to send answers either through here or on twitter; 1) If we got a new banner in The Shed, what player, pas or present, should it be for OR what should it be about/say? 2) Would like to see hand-held banners/displays like below (but in English and about Chelsea of course) in The Shed?

Pole Bgw8GyuIMAEWycd

As for the other matters, they will be for another time.

Just to state again, as I have done in the past, the more of you who get involved, especially those who sit in the Shed (ST holders or regular members), the bigger, better and easier this can be. We’re just looking to get as much colour/noise and as many of you involved as possible.



Alex B.

P.S It is Monday night and that should mean only one thing… listening to the Chelsea Football Club Fancast live from 7pm (every Monday) – The best Chelsea related, podcast in the world (probably, coz I don’t know many others). Have a listen, it’s always a laugh.


Chelsea V Stoke – Quick Update & Slight Change (short blog)

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let people know that there will be a slight change to what we had planned for Saturday. The Large ‘crowd-surfing’ flag will be making its appearance; but those who were going to bring their own flags are not currently able to.

Apparently it is club policy that any flag larger than the ‘plastic’ flags they hand out for Champions League games are not allowed into the ground on a pole. As far as I know, the only flags that people own which are this size are those Champions League flags!  To get people to bring those in just completely defeats the purpose of what we had hoped to achieve. So, ‘crowd-surfing’ flag – is a yes, personal flags – are a no… for now!

We are currently talking with the club about a solution to this and there should be a positive conclusion eventually, with some great alternatives already being discussed. However, this is for another time.

The club have been extremely helpful and there is a genuine interest in what we are trying to do, which makes the whole process just so much better.

I will be posting another update after the Stoke game about the next steps, which will include the possibility of introducing two-poled, hand-held banners, asking you lot what the next Shed End banner should say/who it should be for (by holding a vote), and thoughts/ideas about what The Shed lot could do for the last game of the season.

One very last thing I’d like to add/ask. If you’re coming to the game, where ever you are sitting, please grab a quick picture of the flag as it goes across The Shed and send it to me on twitter! It could be from the other side of the stadium, underneath it or whatever. My twitter handle is @Shed_Atmosphere.

Thank you to all of those who have sent messages of encouragement over the last few weeks,


Alex B.

P.S Before the game you might see me sitting with the flag as you come through the turnstiles, so feel free to come up and say hello.