Summer Planning!

  • Possible New Shed End flag (and competition)
  • Planning over the summer (you can get involved)
  • Summary of our efforts so far

So, it is finally the end of the season! I personally think we’ve had a very good year and have set up a good foundation for 2014/15. A few more additions (specifically in the striker department) and we should be good to go. This season I started this, sort of campaign, in an attempt to get everyone who sits in The Shed End more involved on a match day. When I started, I never knew how many rules and regulations were in place for something as simple as a flag on a pole. As a consequence, a lot of the original ideas needed amending in order to work. Once I had met with the club a few times, we managed to agree on implementing one of the ideas (The Shed End flag) whilst putting a pin in the others in order to discuss them further over the summer.  We went ahead with for the flag last three home league games of the season. The idea was to get something going, gauge the response, and then, over the summer, reconvene. The flag made its first appearance at home to Stoke, and seemed to go down really well with all those who sit in the stand. We had lots of people coming up to us, showing their appreciation, which was nice. We obviously wanted to do a lot more but, as mentioned, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome first. Now that the club and everyone else can see we’re active, it will be a lot easier.  We will be using the off season to go over a range of ideas in the summer. These include some of the original ideas and some new ones. The main objective remains the same; to improve the atmosphere in The Shed both visually and vocally. (I have had one or two people who sit in Gate 8 on the West Side of The Shed come up to me expressing their disappointment that the flag can’t go over them. Don’t worry, we have a few ideas to get you involved next season) Now, during the summer (although not yet confirmed) we should be getting a new (and bigger) flag for The Shed. This was always in the plans and it seems, considering the success from the last three games, this will happen). The new flag, as confirmed unofficially, will obtain its design through a competition to be held on the Chelsea website. I will keep you all updated on the matter through Twitter. Remember, as of yet, it is unconfirmed. Over the summer I will be meeting with various people who have been getting involved (both hands on and those who contact me in anyway), to talk about and plan the ideas for next season. One of the most difficult situations to address directly revolves around improving the atmosphere vocally. We have a few ideas and maybe we will be trying them next season. However, any idea will be discussed on Twitter first, in order to see if you agree/like it. Anyway, end of the season! Lots of planning to do! England losing in the World Cup Quarter Final on penalties to look forward to! And then, silly season, where we will no doubt be linked with every top striker in the game… too look forward to. Lastly, a massive massive thank you to all of you who helped out in anyway big or small, I will sing your praises on Twitter in due course ;). As ever, if you want to get involved, suggest any ideas or just contact me in general you can do so either through here in the comment section or through Twitter @Shed_Atmosphere. Have a great summer and KTBFFH, Cheers,   Alex B.