Finally, the new season is here and I hope that, if you’re reading this after the game, we’ve managed to (probably scrape by the way things are going) three points off of Swansea.

This is just a short post to let you know we have decided to change our name. Shed End Atmosphere was created mainly as a template once we began all this, now things have taken off, we wanted to have a name that everyone in The Shed could associate with. That new name is ‘We Are The Shed’, and our new personally made badge is below.


This movement is set out to get everyone in The Shed going, we are not an icsolated group of people who want to sing and who happen to sit in The Shed, we want The Shed End to be noisy again, fun to be in, something the players recognise and are proud of.

The goals for the season include getting even more than the 40+ Shed End season ticket holders on board and, importantly, groups of people who sit close together who like to sing. We have a core group of singers already and we want people and saod groups to be aware of us.

We will also be bringing many displays to The Shed throughout the season and I’m sure you saw a number of them last season. These are all made and paid for by us and this season we will be looking to do bigger and better, hopefully you will/did enjoy the display this weekend.
We have a very good relationship with the club so we will also act as a go-between for supporters who sit in The Shed and the club officials. Any complaints, proposals, thoughts can be put to us and we can find out if others in our end feel the same, approach the club enmass and look to impliment it.

This entire movement boils down to pulling The Shed closer together as a stand, bringing back the old singing culture and letting supporters of other teams (as well as ours) know about The Shed End. We all want it to be noisy and through this we can make it so.

We have a whatsapp group where people who wish to get involved can join, this is where we discuss all our current and future plans and where you can have input.

If you want to get involved, get in touch by either emailing wearetheshed.cfc@gmail.com or by tweeting the group @WeAre_TheShed.

Also, If you would like to donate please follow the link at the very bottom of this post (and send us a message of twitter so we can thank you).


Alex B.

** p.s we are currently in the process of creating a new new website for the new name rather than starting up a temporary blog **