We Can’t Do Displays Without Your Donations

*donation link is at the end of this post – thank you*

We hope you have been enjoying the displays we have had in The Shed, we certainly seem to be getting a lot of positive comments about them from all corners of the ground. The group is growing in numbers and each display is discussed and decided upon by more than 50 people.
.                                                          imageedit_2_6104640696-1

We pay for each and every one of these displays out of our own pocket and from donations that we receive from supporters, so every penny we get counts.

The club trust us and give us freedom to do what we want (within reason of course!). We have many ideas but these ideas are entirely dependent on our budget. Over the summer we raised enough money for a new Shed End crowd surfing flag. Since the season began we have also raised money for a display celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Shed being named and a display against Sp**s.

wpid-img-20150404-wa0007.jpg100% of the money donated goes straight into creating these displays. We want to make them bigger and better and something that both the supporters and players can be proud of.

A donation of any kind helps massively. The more we have in the pot, the more we can create. Please donate (even £1/2) by following the PayPal Link below. After you have donated send us a message on facebook, twitter – @WeAre_TheShed or by emailing us on wearetheshed.cfc@gmail.com and we will personally thank you on our various Social Media sites.

If you are also looking to get involved, drop us a message via one of the options above.


We are The Shed.


** P.S – We are currently in the process of building a new website **


2 thoughts on “We Can’t Do Displays Without Your Donations

  1. Really love what you’re doing, hopefully you could do somehing for the united game at home! We need a better atmosphere at the bridge, it’s great you’re doing something about it.

    • Thanks. We have taken a step back to save funds for bigger displays. This page will be updated soon and replaced with an actual website. We have actual display for united but just awaiting confirmation from the club. If you sit in The Shed let us know if you want to be involved with helping on match days!

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