We Can’t Do Displays Without Your Donations

*donation link is at the end of this post – thank you*

We hope you have been enjoying the displays we have had in The Shed, we certainly seem to be getting a lot of positive comments about them from all corners of the ground. The group is growing in numbers and each display is discussed and decided upon by more than 50 people.
.                                                          imageedit_2_6104640696-1

We pay for each and every one of these displays out of our own pocket and from donations that we receive from supporters, so every penny we get counts.

The club trust us and give us freedom to do what we want (within reason of course!). We have many ideas but these ideas are entirely dependent on our budget. Over the summer we raised enough money for a new Shed End crowd surfing flag. Since the season began we have also raised money for a display celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Shed being named and a display against Sp**s.

wpid-img-20150404-wa0007.jpg100% of the money donated goes straight into creating these displays. We want to make them bigger and better and something that both the supporters and players can be proud of.

A donation of any kind helps massively. The more we have in the pot, the more we can create. Please donate (even £1/2) by following the PayPal Link below. After you have donated send us a message on facebook, twitter – @WeAre_TheShed or by emailing us on wearetheshed.cfc@gmail.com and we will personally thank you on our various Social Media sites.

If you are also looking to get involved, drop us a message via one of the options above.


We are The Shed.


** P.S – We are currently in the process of building a new website **



Finally, the new season is here and I hope that, if you’re reading this after the game, we’ve managed to (probably scrape by the way things are going) three points off of Swansea.

This is just a short post to let you know we have decided to change our name. Shed End Atmosphere was created mainly as a template once we began all this, now things have taken off, we wanted to have a name that everyone in The Shed could associate with. That new name is ‘We Are The Shed’, and our new personally made badge is below.


This movement is set out to get everyone in The Shed going, we are not an icsolated group of people who want to sing and who happen to sit in The Shed, we want The Shed End to be noisy again, fun to be in, something the players recognise and are proud of.

The goals for the season include getting even more than the 40+ Shed End season ticket holders on board and, importantly, groups of people who sit close together who like to sing. We have a core group of singers already and we want people and saod groups to be aware of us.

We will also be bringing many displays to The Shed throughout the season and I’m sure you saw a number of them last season. These are all made and paid for by us and this season we will be looking to do bigger and better, hopefully you will/did enjoy the display this weekend.
We have a very good relationship with the club so we will also act as a go-between for supporters who sit in The Shed and the club officials. Any complaints, proposals, thoughts can be put to us and we can find out if others in our end feel the same, approach the club enmass and look to impliment it.

This entire movement boils down to pulling The Shed closer together as a stand, bringing back the old singing culture and letting supporters of other teams (as well as ours) know about The Shed End. We all want it to be noisy and through this we can make it so.

We have a whatsapp group where people who wish to get involved can join, this is where we discuss all our current and future plans and where you can have input.

If you want to get involved, get in touch by either emailing wearetheshed.cfc@gmail.com or by tweeting the group @WeAre_TheShed.

Also, If you would like to donate please follow the link at the very bottom of this post (and send us a message of twitter so we can thank you).


Alex B.

** p.s we are currently in the process of creating a new new website for the new name rather than starting up a temporary blog **


The New Season is Finally Here!

If you are reading this right now you most probably have just read about this in the fanzine or through a blog/forum, so there is no need to reiterate what we are hoping to achieve. Have a look down this blog page if you would like to read more about what we have done and maybe get a sense of a few more of the ideas circulating at the moment.
Over the course of the season we basically aim to add more noise and colour and get people more involved in The Shed. At the moment it just feels like when we sit in the stand, we are just sitting in a stand. The Shed needs its identity back.
We also want to act as a platform for anyone and everyone with an idea for a banner, display or anything else, to come forward to, suggest it and get the ball rolling. I’m sure there are many of you out there who have had an idea for a banner but didn’t know where to start.
Regarding this side of things though, banners and the like do cost money. If someone is willing to pay for their idea then great, but if it was something they didn’t have the money for and wished to put forward to The Shed as a whole, then it would need to be paid for through a collection. That’s why we have set up a separate PayPal Donation account. Every penny sent to this account will spent on, in and for The Shed End and every penny will be held accountable for. Of course, if we have a specific display, banner, flag etc we are looking to organise then we will let everyone know through twitter and here, but until then donations of all size are welcome and will help in our overall aim.
We as a group look forward to meeting a lot of you over the course of the year. Hopefully this season will be a cracker both on and off the pitch.
Alex B.

Shed End Flag Competition – Send in Your Designs

Hello All!

As some of you will know, at the end of last season I hinted at the possibility of a new and bigger crowd surfing flag for the Shed End.

I am now pleased to announce that a competition will be run to design a new 50ft x 25ft overhead flag for use in the Shed End. Those interested in submitting their designs should email them (in Jpeg format) to flagdesign@chelseafc.com. One winner will be chosen by a panel of judges, with the prize being a pair of tickets to a Chelsea home game of their choice during 2014/2015 season. In the previous competitions held to design the Matthew Harding flags, the standard has been high so please try to use the best tools available when submitting yours. The closing date for entries will be Friday August 1st. Please note; no individual correspondence regarding the final design of the winning entry will be entered into.

The competition has also been posted on the official Chelsea website – click here to view the story.

This new flag would not have been possible without the involvement of so many last season. This is the next phase of a plan that will hopefully see a bigger and better atmosphere in The Shed both visually and vocally. As most of you will know (and can read about below), our plans got underway last season with a crowd surfing flag in The Shed.

So, get designing your flags and good luck!


Alex B.


Summer Planning!

  • Possible New Shed End flag (and competition)
  • Planning over the summer (you can get involved)
  • Summary of our efforts so far

So, it is finally the end of the season! I personally think we’ve had a very good year and have set up a good foundation for 2014/15. A few more additions (specifically in the striker department) and we should be good to go. This season I started this, sort of campaign, in an attempt to get everyone who sits in The Shed End more involved on a match day. When I started, I never knew how many rules and regulations were in place for something as simple as a flag on a pole. As a consequence, a lot of the original ideas needed amending in order to work. Once I had met with the club a few times, we managed to agree on implementing one of the ideas (The Shed End flag) whilst putting a pin in the others in order to discuss them further over the summer.  We went ahead with for the flag last three home league games of the season. The idea was to get something going, gauge the response, and then, over the summer, reconvene. The flag made its first appearance at home to Stoke, and seemed to go down really well with all those who sit in the stand. We had lots of people coming up to us, showing their appreciation, which was nice. We obviously wanted to do a lot more but, as mentioned, there are a lot of obstacles to overcome first. Now that the club and everyone else can see we’re active, it will be a lot easier.  We will be using the off season to go over a range of ideas in the summer. These include some of the original ideas and some new ones. The main objective remains the same; to improve the atmosphere in The Shed both visually and vocally. (I have had one or two people who sit in Gate 8 on the West Side of The Shed come up to me expressing their disappointment that the flag can’t go over them. Don’t worry, we have a few ideas to get you involved next season) Now, during the summer (although not yet confirmed) we should be getting a new (and bigger) flag for The Shed. This was always in the plans and it seems, considering the success from the last three games, this will happen). The new flag, as confirmed unofficially, will obtain its design through a competition to be held on the Chelsea website. I will keep you all updated on the matter through Twitter. Remember, as of yet, it is unconfirmed. Over the summer I will be meeting with various people who have been getting involved (both hands on and those who contact me in anyway), to talk about and plan the ideas for next season. One of the most difficult situations to address directly revolves around improving the atmosphere vocally. We have a few ideas and maybe we will be trying them next season. However, any idea will be discussed on Twitter first, in order to see if you agree/like it. Anyway, end of the season! Lots of planning to do! England losing in the World Cup Quarter Final on penalties to look forward to! And then, silly season, where we will no doubt be linked with every top striker in the game… too look forward to. Lastly, a massive massive thank you to all of you who helped out in anyway big or small, I will sing your praises on Twitter in due course ;). As ever, if you want to get involved, suggest any ideas or just contact me in general you can do so either through here in the comment section or through Twitter @Shed_Atmosphere. Have a great summer and KTBFFH, Cheers,   Alex B.

After Stoke & What’s Next.

Hi Everyone, So, the crowd surfing flag went off without a hitch! A big thank you to;  a) all those involved on the day and b) to you guys in The Shed for being so positive about it all when you saw us getting ready. So many of you were coming up to us with comments such as ‘it’s about time’, ‘finally’ etc, so I was glad to hear from all of you. We even had a couple of older ladies come up and ask what was going on and their reaction was brilliant – they really wanted to get involved. The flag will be making an appearance for the remaining Premier League home games, but sadly not against PSG. You wouldn’t believe how much goes into planning and organising these flags (massive respect to the guys to do it in the Matthew Harding), but now that we have done it; we can continue gaining momentum & also start looking to do other things as well. I asked you lot on twitter to take some pictures as you saw it going across, and here are a couple of my favourites:

Shed Flag 1Picture by: @cfcunofficial

Shed Flag 2Picture by: @chelseaultra Shed Flag 3Picture by: @mrasaunders A lot of people, especially near where I sit, are eager to get involved, which is great.  Now that we achieved something, albeit a small something, we have a platform on which to build. Next up; work out the issues behind the club not allowing fans to bring in flags that are bigger than the ones they hand out on Champions League nights, discuss ideas regarding the vocal side of things in The Shed, gauge the interest (from you) about introducing hand held banners (pic below), a poll to decide who the next Shed End banner should be for/about (but first we need some suggestions), and discussing ideas/plans for the last home game of the season. So, right now, I ask you two questions and encourage as many of you as possible to send answers either through here or on twitter; 1) If we got a new banner in The Shed, what player, pas or present, should it be for OR what should it be about/say? 2) Would like to see hand-held banners/displays like below (but in English and about Chelsea of course) in The Shed?

Pole Bgw8GyuIMAEWycd

As for the other matters, they will be for another time.

Just to state again, as I have done in the past, the more of you who get involved, especially those who sit in the Shed (ST holders or regular members), the bigger, better and easier this can be. We’re just looking to get as much colour/noise and as many of you involved as possible.



Alex B.

P.S It is Monday night and that should mean only one thing… listening to the Chelsea Football Club Fancast live from 7pm (every Monday) – The best Chelsea related, podcast in the world (probably, coz I don’t know many others). Have a listen, it’s always a laugh.

Chelsea V Stoke – Quick Update & Slight Change (short blog)

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let people know that there will be a slight change to what we had planned for Saturday. The Large ‘crowd-surfing’ flag will be making its appearance; but those who were going to bring their own flags are not currently able to.

Apparently it is club policy that any flag larger than the ‘plastic’ flags they hand out for Champions League games are not allowed into the ground on a pole. As far as I know, the only flags that people own which are this size are those Champions League flags!  To get people to bring those in just completely defeats the purpose of what we had hoped to achieve. So, ‘crowd-surfing’ flag – is a yes, personal flags – are a no… for now!

We are currently talking with the club about a solution to this and there should be a positive conclusion eventually, with some great alternatives already being discussed. However, this is for another time.

The club have been extremely helpful and there is a genuine interest in what we are trying to do, which makes the whole process just so much better.

I will be posting another update after the Stoke game about the next steps, which will include the possibility of introducing two-poled, hand-held banners, asking you lot what the next Shed End banner should say/who it should be for (by holding a vote), and thoughts/ideas about what The Shed lot could do for the last game of the season.

One very last thing I’d like to add/ask. If you’re coming to the game, where ever you are sitting, please grab a quick picture of the flag as it goes across The Shed and send it to me on twitter! It could be from the other side of the stadium, underneath it or whatever. My twitter handle is @Shed_Atmosphere.

Thank you to all of those who have sent messages of encouragement over the last few weeks,


Alex B.

P.S Before the game you might see me sitting with the flag as you come through the turnstiles, so feel free to come up and say hello.